Elevator addition to an existing masonry building

Sanford Housing Authority
17 School Street, Sanford, Maine
New Office Building

Two story office building, new construction
Completed May 2015
5,000 square feet finished; plus fully insulated basement for future occupancy
Final construction cost = $1,056,633.23
Wood frame construction with cellulose within the walls and exterior rigid insulation
Truss roof framing

6 Mousam Street, Springvale, Maine
York County Shelter Programs
Long Term Housing

5 unit one bedroom apartment building, new construction
Built in 2012-2013
Total Living area = 4,784 SF
Final construction cost = $622,084.00
Wood frame construction, truss roof framing and concrete slab on grade.
Insulation: Walls = R-40, closed cell foam insulation in the walls and exterior rigid insulation.
Ceiling = R-60, Under Slab = R-15
Electric heat and hot water.
Electrical credit from electricity generated by a solar farm owned by the Shelter

Roosevelt School

A masonry school built in 1909, 1 story with daylight basement. Converted into market rate apartments, 2 and 3 bedroom with 4 units per floor.

DuBois Storefront Project

Lakefront Home Project